Podcast 1

Podcast 1

Postby Golem » Wed May 17, 2017 11:50 pm

  • Intro
    • Do you prefer RPGs or beat-em-ups? / what is your history with action RPGs
  • Segment 1: Goals and rewards
    • what is the goal of dragon's crown
      • how do you win the game
        • is there a distinction between winning and finishing
      • how do you finish with a character
    • what are the rewards of playing the game
      • how would you categorize the rewards
        • systemic rewards (skill points, gold, etc.)
        • content rewards (story, artwork, cool things happening)
        • comprehensive rewards (learning boss patterns, attack timing, etc.)
      • how do you distinguish incremental and terminal goals
      • how are rewards tied to gameplay goals?
        • what are the rewards of completing a stage vs. completing a quest?
        • how often are goals spread across stages?
          • do these have different rewards?
  • Segment 2: Order and progress
    • stage choice
      • what's your favorite stage?
      • is there a logical progression of stages built into the game?
      • are there patterns to how you play outside that?
    • how do stages change over repeated plays
      • how does difficulty affect stage choice (boss level etc.)
      • do you feel encouraged or discouraged to repeat the same stages?
      • what's the deal with hard mode?
    • the labyrinth of chaos strips away everything discussed above. does it work? why is that the end state of the game?
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