Podcast 1: Track Design - Saturday, February 18th

Podcast 1: Track Design - Saturday, February 18th

Postby Golem » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:19 am

We'll find a time. 8PM eastern?

If you can, please read Luke McMillan's "A Rational Approach to Racing Game Track Design."

  • Intro
    • How are you doing?
    • In "A Rational Approach to Racing Game Track Design," Luke McMillan uses the term "vehicle dynamics" to refer to a vehicle's reaction to certain forces. More casually, we would refer to "vehicle dynamics" as the car's physics. How well would you say you understand "vehicle dynamics" in F-Zero X?
  • Track design
    • In his article, Luke McMillan proposes five metrics for track design. Pick a course, and we'll discuss it in light of those metrics.
    • Race line and clipping points
      • I'm combining two metrics here.
      • How sharp are the corners?
      • How far apart are they?
      • How do your vehicle dynamics impact the way you follow the race line?
    • Track width
      • Where is the course wide?
      • Where is the course thin?
      • Is it generally wide, thin, or varied?
    • Camber
      • Does the road tilt?
      • For normal cars, camber impacts gravitational forces on the car. How does it work in F-Zero X?
    • Height variation
      • How does your view change as the road goes up and down?
      • Are there any jumps?
    • What gives your track its identity?
    • What elements of your track are forgiving, and what elements are strict?
  • Conclusion
    • Have you tried Death Race? Is Death Race canonical?
    • Any final words?
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