Energy consumption WRT Body/other attr.

Energy consumption WRT Body/other attr.

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This is a pretty boring one that seems obvious, but it's easy to test.

This will be a test to determine the effect of racer attributes on Energy consumed during collisions and manual boosting.
  • Body: I expect a direct correlation between high grades and low Energy consumption during collisions. Possibly also with consumption during manual boosting.
  • Boost: I expect a possibility of correlation with Energy consumption during boosting.
  • Grip: I expect no correlation with Energy consumption.
  • Mass: I expect no correlation with Energy consumption.

Energy Test Setup
  • Time Trial mode to remove collisions with other vehicles.
  • Mute City (1) to minimize unintentional collisions.
  • Phase 1
    • Steer machine into course wall to maintain constant contact (for steady damage) until it is destroyed.
    • Record time at destruction.
  • Phase 2
    • Entering the second lap at full Energy, manually boost until Energy is fully depleted.
    • Do not make contact with course walls or recovery areas.
    • Record the number of boosts necessary to deplete Energy.

Trial 1 Materials
  • Racer selections:
    Code: Select all
    Mighty Gazelle / Red Gazelle  : Body (E), Boost (A), Grip (C), Mass (1330)
    Pico / Wild Goose             : Body (B), Boost (B), Grip (C), Mass (1620)
    Octoman / Deep Claw           : Body (B), Boost (B), Grip (C), Mass (990)
    Dr. Clash / Crazy Bear        : Body (A), Boost (B), Grip (E), Mass (2220)
    Samurai Goroh / Fire Stingray : Body (A), Boost (D), Grip (B), Mass (1960)

  • The pairing of Wild Goose and Deep Claw controls for effect of Mass. Crazy Bear and Fire Stingray controls for Boost/Grip (if it turns out these two differ, will need retest to isolate these)

Trial 1 Observations
  • Results:
    Code: Select all
    Mighty Gazelle / Red Gazelle  : Survival time (0'07"75), Boost count (7)
    Pico / Wild Goose             : Survival time (0'09"00), Boost count (7)
    Octoman / Deep Claw           : Survival time (0'08"93), Boost count (7)
    Dr. Clash / Crazy Bear        : Survival time (0'09"97), Boost count (7)
    Samurai Goroh / Fire Stingray : Survival time (0'09"63), Boost count (7)

  • Well what the hell. That is a really weak result. Only a 25% difference between the slowest and fastest Energy consumption rate?
  • Energy consumption for boosts appears to be a constant for all craft.

Trial 1 Conclusions
  • Body: Correlates directly to Energy consumed from collisions. A Body (A) machine will last 25% longer than a Body (E) machine.
  • Boost: Does not appear to correlate to Energy consumption, even during manual boosts.
  • Grip: Does not appear to correlate to Energy consumption.
  • Mass: Does not appear to correlate to Energy consumption.

  • This test did not control for the relationship between speed and collision damage. It is possible that higher speed at point of contact would result in greater Energy consumption. This is difficult to test, as exact collision conditions are difficult to reproduce.
  • This test did not measure Energy consumption during machine-to-machine collisions, as they are difficult to reliably reproduce.
  • Although manual boosts seem to consume exactly 1/7 of the Energy meter regardless of machine attributes, it should be kept in mind that if the high-Body craft take less damage from collisions, they would naturally have greater Energy reserves leftover for use on boosting. This means a high-Body machine is not only better at surviving crashes, it is also better at recovering from them. Therefore Body has benefits even for players who have no trouble surviving races.
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