An InfoCom text adventure. The player is a university student trying to finish their term paper during a snowstorm. Discovering that their document has been corrupted they undertake an adventure to salvage the corrupted term paper. Influenced by H.P. Lovecraft, adventure includes encounters with steam tunnels, sinister beings, and a powerful evil within the school's depths. Rated: Standard difficulty.


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Sentences are your way of interacting with the game (in Terrellese, mechanics). All sentences in the game are in the imperative mood, ordering the in-game character with an understood "you."

Sentences take a verb and often an object.

Sometimes a verb-object pair will require a preposition. (But to me, this seems tantamount to a new verb: "look at hacker" is just the verb "look at" with the object "hacker.")

Other times, a verb will require a direction, such as "go west."

Your verb choice is limited to this list. Your sentence objects will always be in-game things.

  • Break
  • Close
  • Drive
  • Edit
  • Get
    • In
    • Sit
  • Give
  • Go
    • Exit
  • Hit
  • Leave (takes a carried item as an object)
  • Look
    "Look" doesn't take an object by itself. To use "look" on an object, you'll have to use a preposition:
    • above
    • at
    • inside
    • under
  • Open
  • Put
    You'll have to use a preposition:
    • above
    • under
    • inside
  • Read
  • Restore - load a save
  • Save - save a save
  • Take
    • Grab
  • Turn
    • On
  • Type
  • Unplug

You can also talk directly to a character by saying "Name: sentence".

Knowing this list will help you understand how to approach each situation. Over time, this will be trivial, but when starting the game, it will help you think in the game's language: to see challenges and interpret them as the game thinks of them.

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