Podcast 1: Naturalism

A peaceful game where you play as a dolphin. Use echolocation to navigate through underwater mazes and sing to the creatures of the sea in search of your kidnapped dolphins friends (dolphriends).

Podcast 1: Naturalism

Postby Golem » Sat Oct 08, 2016 7:04 pm

  • Intro
    • How are you doing?
    • Have you played any games that you would consider realistic?
  • Ecco the Dolphin
    • Ecco looks realistic. The ocean, with its environs and inhabitants, looks like it would look in real life. Ecco himself behaves as a sea creature and a dolphin would.
    • Do the game's challenges "click" with you? Do you understand how to succeed in Ecco reliably? Can you consistently:
      • clear timed challenges in Ecco?
      • avoid enemies in Ecco?
      • make it through other obstacles in Ecco? (vents, crushers)
    • Does Ecco behave and control realistically?
      • How do you use Ecco's abilities to get through challenges? What are his limitations that add difficulty? Are these things realistic?
      • What features of Ecco's behavior don't contribute to challenges? Is there anything that doesn't make the game easier or harder, but instead, is just there? Are these things realistic?
    • Are the enemies in Ecco realistic?
      • Which ones behave realistically? How easy is it to avoid and kill them?
      • Which ones don't behave realistically? How easy is it to avoid and kill them?
    • Do the environments in Ecco look realistic?
      • How do they convey the information you need to clear a level?
      • How do they get in the way of learning how to beat a level?
    • You also do unrealistic things, like unlock glyphs and talk to killer whales. Do these things ruin a sense of verisimilitude, or do they add to it?
  • Conclusion
    • If your pod was zapped away, what would you do?
    • Any last words?
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