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Spin Jump

Postby Golem » Fri May 23, 2014 8:53 pm

[4:30:13 PM] Golem: okay
[4:30:16 PM] Golem: super mario bros. 3 controls
[4:30:19 PM] Golem: or super mario world controls
[4:30:20 PM] Golem: go
[4:31:47 PM] Golem: did you know carl sagan had three wives
[4:34:30 PM] SoupEgg: at the same time?
[4:37:24 PM] Golem: i'm afraid not
[4:37:35 PM] Golem: i just listened to a radiolab episode today that had his last wife though
[4:37:47 PM] Golem: they worked together on the record that was put in the voyager!
[4:38:19 PM] Golem: Spouse Lynn Margulis
(1957–65; divorced; 2 children)
Linda Salzman
(1968–81; divorced; 1 child)
Ann Druyan
(1981–1996; his death; 2 children)
[4:40:58 PM] SoupEgg: also what do you mean about the controls
[4:41:37 PM] SoupEgg: Like how the characters handle or the fact that super mario world has a spin jump button
[4:41:59 PM] Golem: oh, i just meant handling
[4:42:17 PM] SoupEgg: then mario world
[4:42:23 PM] SoupEgg: but I don't like the spin jump button
[4:42:28 PM] Golem: how come :O
[4:42:41 PM] SoupEgg: it's just another button that doesn't seem to add much
[4:44:08 PM] Zanreo: it breaks the blocks underneath you
[4:45:23 PM] Golem: on one hand, if the core dynamic of super mario world is gravity, then having a more different jump doesn't really change things up
[4:45:56 PM] Golem: on the other hand, part of what makes super mario world is that your interactions with enemies have more outcomes than in other mario games
[4:46:14 PM] Golem: and part of that is being able to do stuff like break blocks beneath you or safely interact with buzz saw blades
[4:46:48 PM] SoupEgg: But making it just be a different jump isn't interesting to me
[4:46:53 PM] SoupEgg: changing that to ground pound was a smart idea
[4:47:01 PM] SoupEgg: and works better
[4:47:21 PM] Golem: it's a more distinct mechanic by its unique sense of timing and spacing
[4:47:27 PM] Golem: ground pounding is, i mean
[4:48:10 PM] Golem: personally, though, i miss being able to jump off of harmful stuff
[4:48:26 PM] SoupEgg: that's what Cranky Kong is for
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