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Re: Super Mario Maker Levels

Postby Golem » Sun Oct 04, 2015 7:17 pm

I updated the directory with the latest from Commune members! Spin2Win was indeed devilish!

In specific, I added:

Spin2Win! - 52F5-0000-0039-30EC -

Bros. Mario Super - 0785-0000-0073-23E2 -
SSB64:RACE TO THE FINISH! - 8AF6-0000-0080-9A88 -

Shells in the Key of Life - B089-0000-005F-556C -
Rubber Shell - A014-0000-0067-62AF -
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Re: Super Mario Maker Levels

Postby Oak » Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:02 am

And here's the 2nd half of my Set Levels!

Level 5: Cloud Commandos - A3D4-0000-0076-5752 - Made with Set 5 (Airship), an SMB3 Airship level. This level is the one i had the largest Creator’s Block with, and I fear it kind of shows - I don’t think it’s that unique. It’s more of a standard mix of various Airship hazards, with a Bob-Omb section, a Rocky Wrench section, and a section of maneuvering across cloud platforms while dealing with Burners and Cannons.

Level 6: Necromancer’s Forest Hideout - 8233-0000-0089-D426 - As is typical of most Ghost Houses, I tried to make this somewhat of a puzzle level. First you must find your way into the blocked-off cottage in the spike top-infested woods, then get past the Ghosts, solve the mystery of the Empty Room, confront the Necromancer, his apprentice, and his undead army, and then find a way out.

Level 7: Bowser Jr.’s Weirdly Woods - CCB5-0000-008A-62C2 - an SMB3 Ground level. Travel though a very strange forest where everything seems to give weird reactions to Mario! Includes Wigglers, Kuribo’s Shoe, the Clown Car, and a boss fight with Bowser Jr. Also, every single possible sound effect is placed at least once within the level.

Level 8: Mr. Koopa’s Wild Ride - 16BE-0000-0090-C950 - An SMW Castle level. Find your ticket and ride though a series of deadly coasters before confronting the Manager! This stage also contains a shortcut that lets you skip the 2nd half of the level, but I’m hoping it’s not too easy to figure out how to get through it the first time. Still, go ahead and try beating the level both the full way and with the shortcut! (And yes, when I beat this stage to get it uploaded, I made sure to beat it without using the shortcut, to be fair.)

Also, my brother made a couple levels too on my account:
Shroomy Heights - D83B-0000-007D-CE4F - An SMB3 Ground level focusing on platforming across mushroom platforms.

Boss Tower - 870B-0000-0080-6910 - An NSMBU Castle level, requiring you to fight through a gauntlet of rooms filled with certain types of enemies before finally taking on the big bad Final Boss (take a wild guess who that might be!)
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Re: Super Mario Maker Levels

Postby Yourself » Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:54 am

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